Tap Dj is the first artist in the world who gives You opportunity to discover the combination of dance with modern sound techniques. The idea to become the drummer without the sticks came from Tap DJ's electro/funk passion. Midi technology is the key to the idea. That's how is all began..

TapDJ w ogniu

       Podczas prezentacji produktów pirotechnicznych firmy Piromax odbył się niezwykły pokaz. TapDJ tym razem tworzył muzykę korzystając ze swoich nowoczesnych instrumentów muzycznych oraz efektów pirotechnicznych, które w trakcie tworzenia muzyki były jej częścią.

For the good beginning of the day

     With early TapDJ morning Tomasz Pałasz and Robert Kowalczyk - electric guitar recorded the own composition work.

TapDJ in Das Supertalent 2014 edition

    In the newest edition of popular RTL in Germany of the Das Supertalent program transmitted on the aerial again we could watch TapDJ.

TapDJ on polish broadcast

       11.11.2013 during the program Kabaretowa Noc Listopadowa appeared introducing the familiar piece of the Van Halen group TapDJ - Ain't talking bout love. Enough dynamic percussion in one piece was played with legs using one's invention percussion midi shoes. We can watch the report from this performance below.

TapDJ in the office

Fragment of the graduation musical, in which TapDJ acted in one of stages impersonating the role of the clerical staff. See, what interesting happened to him at the work:)


       During the presentation of pyrotechnic products of the Piromax company an unusual display was held. TapDJ this time created the music using it modern musical instruments and pyrotechnic effects which in the course of creating the music were with her part.

Dzięki Bogu weekend

In one of installments of the cabaret program thanks to God TapDJ Tomasz Pałasz had a weekend chance to appear.

TapDJ on Polish Got Talent

      TapDJ's performance  was admiration aroused everyone receiving jurymen 3 times Yes. Even Kuba Wojewódzki didn't hide words of the recognition for the performance innovative and full of the energy.

TapDJ in cesko-slovensko ma talent 2015

    In the newest edition of the cesko-slovensko got talent we were supposed to see the chance TapDJ which for the first time presented the next device publicly - stepping sequencer. Thanks to this next innovation the artist can not only tapping dance with electronic shoes to create bits but is attaching the entire musical arrangement fully controlled during the performance to it.


PlatinumTapDJ is an artist which is creating his music live using the sampler, Apple Mac and own invention (midi-shoes) thanks to which dancing is creating modernly sounding bits. His performance is an outstanding DJ-set simultaneously and attractive show. A music which TapDJ is introducing, is progressive based house on samples for the English manufacturing company Zero G.

Wien Das Supertalent

Wien Das SupertalentParticipation TapDJ in the Program "Das Supertalent" of RTL transmitted at the program it is a confirmation, that his abilities of the playing on the own structure shoes of percussion, are arousing enthusiasm not only at the Polish scene. Without a doubt his performance along with Robert was not only noticed too our west border but judging by the reaction of the audience got a lot of fans. The jury's decision also appreciated our artists giving "3 x Yes". We are waiting to next reports from performances and maybe not only in Europe!!!

TapDJ on 20years of Siemens

TapDJ on 20years of Siemens20.05.2011 Tap DJ with a team of musiciens and dancers  was opened a great event of 20 years siemens company in Poland. Beside our tapping on midi shoes front-men played on the bass Adam Jabłoński, keyboard instruments Andrzej Perkman and traditionally on an electric guitar Robert Kowalczyk.  Arranged the choreography of a dance performance outstanding choreographer Sylwia Adamowicz. Watch the report from this performance:


EnklawaTapDJ is a dancing percussionist, which along with the guitarist with Robert are performing modernly sounding known hits so as: Money for nothing - Dire Straits, Another brick in the wall - Pink Floyd, of Beat it - Michael Jacson, Axel - f and a few other equally well-known. We are inviting to watch the report of the video from the performance in one of Warsaw clubs.

TapDJ on Gillette

TapDJ on GilletteIntegration event for employees LMC Gillette is another scene of stage TapDJ's possibilities.
He added effects of stage pyrotechnics and CO2 columns of smoke breaking out now to his dynamic performance. During the dance competently he is integrating fiery explosions using special falls, causing that they are becoming an integral part of the created music.


Mirage16.01.2010 during the final gala Let's Go of it performed his TapDJ program. During this party many emotions but it aroused his appearance what most essential of this evening of course was at very end. For the first time this artist publicly improvized the simultaneous dance and creating the music in the way like the most spontaneous. From unofficial conversations to eavesdrop it was possible, that performance the one was a latest experience fully for spectators which above all the enormous emotionalism of the performance fascinated.

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