Tap Dj is the first artist in the world who gives You opportunity to discover the combination of dance with modern sound techniques. The idea to become the drummer without the sticks came from Tap DJ's electro/funk passion. Midi technology is the key to the idea. That's how is all began..

TapDJ on Gillette

TapDJ on GilletteIntegration event for employees LMC Gillette is another scene of stage TapDJ's possibilities.
He added effects of stage pyrotechnics and CO2 columns of smoke breaking out now to his dynamic performance. During the dance competently he is integrating fiery explosions using special falls, causing that they are becoming an integral part of the created music.

Also his performance was a novelty with the winner of the program "Polish got Talent" with Marcin Wyrostek. They played together medley'a arousing familiar hits in addition gigantic applause. Below we are placing the report of the video from this performance.

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