Tap Dj is the first artist in the world who gives You opportunity to discover the combination of dance with modern sound techniques. The idea to become the drummer without the sticks came from Tap DJ's electro/funk passion. Midi technology is the key to the idea. That's how is all began..

How it works?

With main establishing the concept it is a possibility of the simultaneous dance and creating bits with the help of the cordless system. For the tap dancing special electroacoustic sensors were put in shoes, of which the signal with the converter is remaining exchanged for information electronic. Signals are being gathered not only from shoes but also from two electronic miniature falls fastened to the belt of trousers. Next with analogue cordless signal wszytko there is a midi sent to the decoder which is exchanging impulses picked up for signals.

Thanks to that playing on shoes perhaps freely to configure sounding and arranging individual sounds. Specific combinations of steps allow to get interesting bits and get sounds from falls on the belt are enriching the rhythm against any musical embellishments. Using this system the creating rhythm can without inhibitions get about the scene as well as result .. to the audience directly animating her.

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