Tap Dj is the first artist in the world who gives You opportunity to discover the combination of dance with modern sound techniques. The idea to become the drummer without the sticks came from Tap DJ's electro/funk passion. Midi technology is the key to the idea. That's how is all began..

A semi-final "Mam Talent"

A semi-final "Mam Talent"A semi-final performance is a unique event, during which the TapDJ showed enormous possibilities of its invention. "Playing shoes" are something what he lets simultaneously dance on the sceneĀ  andĀ  playing with any sounds e.g. of percussion. In its performance a familiar piece presented Phil Collins "Something in the air tonight", "Conga" of Estefan Glory and the outstanding hit of the C&C Music Factory team "Everybody dance now". Midi-shoes are a unique device and introducing him to the possibility by less than 2 minutes is a quite difficult feat.The entire percussion undercoat in all three hits TapDJ works made live tapping dance with legs.

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