Tap Dj is the first artist in the world who gives You opportunity to discover the combination of dance with modern sound techniques. The idea to become the drummer without the sticks came from Tap DJ's electro/funk passion. Midi technology is the key to the idea. That's how is all began..

TapDJ roll floor


     TapDJ roll floor small is a very confortable and mobile tap floor. It's main advantage is folding in the form of a roll, which makes it convenient to transport in an elegant  and practical cover.

Everything was made by hand from the best materials so that it was solid and durable. The size of the floor is perfect for home exercises that require more space to move and ideal for stage performances.




weight :12,4 kg

dimensionsr: 100 cm x 150 cm

material: Birch playwood 8mm conquered by lether-like material 1,5mm

Price 350 Euro

The price includes the floor plus cover.

shipping cost  +/- 40 euro country dependent


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